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Each individual has varying needs requiring different levels of support.


About me | Kerrin Daniels
How to define oneself in a few words??

According to the Buddha, the path to enlightenment is suffering. At one point, after realizing that I had more than my fair share, my body shut down.

At that point I had to listen, like it or not to the voice inside telling me I had to make changes.

It was then my healing journey began. Now as I follow my path of purpose and passion, im honoured to help others find their worth, overcome obstaces, remove bloackages and transform their lives.

Life can be difficult to navigate at times. If we differentiate the positive challenges from the negative ones we can learn from them. They really do make us stronger and wiser.

Goddess, Mother, Wife, Counselor, Writer, Lover, Friend. I am whatever I say I am and Im here to help you whenever your ready.

My style is an eclectic combination of a Person-Centred approach creating connection and saftety. Mindfulness, Experiential and Creative activities are also introduced to help clients achieve overall wellness. A sprinkle of Spiritual practice also goes a long way in helping me help other dissolve negative blocks and move into flow.

Clients are seen in a warm, relaxing environment or virtually if more convenient.

We can chat before you decide to commit , I offer a 15 minute free no obligation phone connection session.

I'm also trained in Suicide Intervention and Non-Violent communication. I love facilitating workshops and couples coaching and im excited to make all my exciting plans a reality.

Helping is absolutely my purpose as well as passion. :-)

Kerrin Daniels in certified in suicide intervention and non-violent communication.
Why Counseling?

  • The ability to thrive in a body that is wired to survive, a world that is built for 'success' and a soul that seeks happiness and contentment is no easy feat.
    The ability to thrive in a body that is wired to survive, a world that is built for 'success' and a soul that seeks happiness and contentment is no easy feat.

    Everything begins with love. Sometimes we go through trials and tribulations that taunt us, test us and traumatize us and we are expected to keep our heads up, keep stiff upper lips and just keep going.

  • Through spiritual connection, Kerrin Daniels does couples counselling for couples who are seeking happiness.
    Some of us walk blindly, going with the flow, unaware of why we do and feel things and become resigned.

    Others feel strongly and deeply and live with pain on a regular basis which can produce varying results. Some of us lash out in a variety of ways overtly or covertly whilst others stay within and feel trapped. Some are numb, unable to feel anything at all. Emotional pain serves no one and sometimes assistance is needed to move through the pain and find your flow.

  • Life coaching in Mississauga.
    Counselling helps clients to feel supported and cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.

    Studies have deciphered that having someone listen empathically while you find your voice within and find clarity through talking is beneficial in finding peace and empowerment.

Getting Started
How it Works

  • Are we a good match?

    As a client, it's important that you're comfortable with the person you're working with and that they are the right fit for your needs.

  • Consultation

    We offer a free 15 minute phone connection session where we can both assess the sync.

  • Start Counseling

    If you're happy we can go from there. The next step is always up to you. 

Free 15 minute phone consultation

We’re a no-judgment zone, so feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns.

Kerrin Daniels